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First Ride!

Posted on September 11, 2016 at 4:25 PM

Kicked off the party with our first ride on Friday. I was soooooooo nervous! Poor Papa Buz driver probably got tired of me texting and calling to see how everything went! :D But, everything went fine and the ride was a success.  Of course, as soon as we got to the pick up location, the karoake computer needed to update!  It took FOREVER!!!!  To me at least.  But it was ready by the time everyone got on the bus.  Everyone had a great time and I got some great photos and videos to add to the facebook collection.  Got my first review on facebook and it was Great!  It sounded like Papa Buz had just as much fun as the riders.  Thank you Claudia and friends for being such great customers!  One issue with the radio at the end of the ride that had never happened before but I fixed it.  Needed a reboot after everyone was plugging their phones in and out. 

What we learned from the ride:

1. Need a powerstrip so everyone can charge their phone.  Good for business if everyone can keep taking photos and videos.

2. As I suspected, 4 wineries is too many! Some people had too much fun! :P  So, I will go over the routes and make them 3 wineries.  That way customers can spend more time at each winery. 

3. Maybe sell t-shirts in the beginning?  Everyone was too wasted to buy t-shirts at the end. 

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