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Good tips for riders

Posted on September 7, 2016 at 11:00 AM

Went to one of my favorite wineries over the weekend and learned some tips from the owner on do's and dont's for bus drivers and riders. 

1. It's always good to call ahead and let the winery know you are coming with a large group so they can be prepared.  My customer's are important and I want them to have a good time and good service, so this is a good tip.  Party Buz takes care of this for you. 

2. Driver's should check on their riders while they are in the winery.  Not to babysit, but to make sure the riders are not causing trouble in the winery.  If they are too drunk to go into the winery, the bus driver may need to tell them so or give the winery a heads up so they don't serve that customer.  Unfortunately, someone who is too intoxicated becomes the winery and the bus companie's responsibility.  If you get in an accident, it is somehow the winery's fault or the bus driver who dropped you off to your car.

3. If riders are throwing up in the bathroom and leaving a mess in general, the winery may ask your company not to come back.  So check on your riders!

4. For Riders, have a designated driver or a way to get home once the bus drops you off.  The point of the bus is to have a driver so you can party, but eventually, you have to get home.  How are you going to get there?  The bus can drop you off but it does cost more.  As long as you are prepared, that is fine.  If you are too intoxicated to drive, we can't let you get in your car (read above, it becomes my responsibility).

5. Don't forget to tip your bartender! 

6. Wineries appreciate if you buy a product after your wine tasting if you're not going to tip. 

So, in general, just be a good customer. Don't trash the place, tip, and if you like a product, help them out by buying a bottle! Usually, the wine tasting fee is waived when you buy a bottle anyway. It's a win, win!

If anyone else has any tips as both a winery owner or a rider, let us know! :D 

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