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Meme Monday

Posted on August 29, 2016 at 8:10 PM

Trying to think of ways to market to people and get people interested in booking a ride.  I'm parked at another business establishment (Thank you for lettting me park there De-sign Chalee)!  It's on the highway but I don't think enough people pass by.  When I advertised in the paper, the person had not seen the bus yet and I feel like it's pretty colorful and noticeable?  It was even in the Spring Ho parade (doesn't everyone in Lampasas go to that?) :D  I want to move the bus "into town" but I don't know where.  There are several businesses for sale but I don't think I can just park there.  I even considered parking in the field where everyone puts their tractors for sale but that costs $100!  Just to park in a field no one is using.  :o  I even considered purchasing a place.  If you know that old place on the corner behind the donut store - they are asking over $200,000 for that place and it's barely standing.  So .......   I have put advertisements on facebook which worked pretty well in drawing people to the page but word of mouth from friends seems to be the best advertisement so far.  To keep people interested, I've come up with Meme Mondays (post a wine/beer/party meme every Monday)  and Wine Wednesdays (post a wine meme or wine events in the area).  I have a instagram but i'm too busy to really post on it and I need photos.  Any ideas? 

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