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Still working on Buz 2

Posted on February 15, 2017 at 8:30 PM Comments comments (3)

I'm still busy working on Buz 2.  It's about 1/4 of the way done I would say.  We have a bench, some cup holders, wall coverings,and some paint.  pictures on instagram! @partybuzrides. The weather is kind of a hinderance.  January is my least favorite month. I can't work in the cold.  If only humans could hibernate!

Working on Buz #2 (papa buz)

Posted on January 1, 2017 at 8:30 PM Comments comments (0)

We have named the new bus Papa Buz.  The first bus is named Short Buz.  We began working on the new buz yesterday and took out most of the seats.  Of course, as with anything, there's always that one stubborn thing that refuses to cooperate.  This time it came in the form of 3 seats. They don't want to come out.  They have huge screws in the floor that are we think bolted from underneath the bus.  But, then the manufacturer put some stuff over the bolts, such as the fans and some other big item stuff.  So the only way to unbolt them is to take half the under side of the bus apart.  Not to be detered though, the boys played with the metal cutter.  One blade cut 2 1/2 bolts.  We're gonna need a lot of blades!  But I'm happy with the progress so far. 

Buz #2

Posted on December 6, 2016 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (1)

So, I haven't posted in awhile.  Mainly because vistaprint is difficult to work with as a website builder.  But how do you switch sites without losing everything you've already created. And what if the web address is no longer available and all my marketing material has! :/

But, to catch you up. The bus has a light issue.  You either get front headlights or you get dash lights.  While they were in there fixing that, asked for the governor to be looked at again. Place #3 has now said they can't get it off either.  It has to go to the manufacturer. It may be a matter of principal now to get it off! :o

While waiting for the bus to get fixed, it made me nervous not having a back up.  So welcome Buz #2. It's a Ford E450, white.  You can watch the transformation here or on facebook as it goes from boring white to awesome party.


Got a call for a kid's birthday party and they asked if I provided drinks, cake, etc.  I had never thought of the bus as being that kind of party - but Why not?  I always wanted to open my own party business which included an actual building where children came to party.  Now, I have a mobile party room!  Princess themed, Glamour themed, Movie themed, any theme I (or someone else) can think of.  The possibilities are endless and I can't wait for Pinterest to guide me in the right direction! :lol:  I even made my own invitations, so if you need a party, just call.  I can take care of everything for you, from the cake, to the decorations, to the party favors, to the entertainment.  I even know how to make some balloon animals (had a circus halloween party where it came in handy)!

October fun

Posted on September 29, 2016 at 8:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Haven't blogged in awhile.  I guess September was busy.  In fact, I don't even remember where September went! I did have fun making the october specials and thinking of new ways to offer fun for people.  The best part was figuring out how to make my own bus image.  It wasn't too hard.  Got a picture of the bus and pasted shaped over it until it was the right shape.  Made all the shaped black and then there's a button on the top right that lets you group items together.  Voila!  All the shapes are now one big bus. :)  Time to take the kids to school!

First Ride!

Posted on September 11, 2016 at 4:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Kicked off the party with our first ride on Friday. I was soooooooo nervous! Poor Papa Buz driver probably got tired of me texting and calling to see how everything went! :D But, everything went fine and the ride was a success.  Of course, as soon as we got to the pick up location, the karoake computer needed to update!  It took FOREVER!!!!  To me at least.  But it was ready by the time everyone got on the bus.  Everyone had a great time and I got some great photos and videos to add to the facebook collection.  Got my first review on facebook and it was Great!  It sounded like Papa Buz had just as much fun as the riders.  Thank you Claudia and friends for being such great customers!  One issue with the radio at the end of the ride that had never happened before but I fixed it.  Needed a reboot after everyone was plugging their phones in and out. 

What we learned from the ride:

1. Need a powerstrip so everyone can charge their phone.  Good for business if everyone can keep taking photos and videos.

2. As I suspected, 4 wineries is too many! Some people had too much fun! :P  So, I will go over the routes and make them 3 wineries.  That way customers can spend more time at each winery. 

3. Maybe sell t-shirts in the beginning?  Everyone was too wasted to buy t-shirts at the end. 

Good tips for riders

Posted on September 7, 2016 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Went to one of my favorite wineries over the weekend and learned some tips from the owner on do's and dont's for bus drivers and riders. 

1. It's always good to call ahead and let the winery know you are coming with a large group so they can be prepared.  My customer's are important and I want them to have a good time and good service, so this is a good tip.  Party Buz takes care of this for you. 

2. Driver's should check on their riders while they are in the winery.  Not to babysit, but to make sure the riders are not causing trouble in the winery.  If they are too drunk to go into the winery, the bus driver may need to tell them so or give the winery a heads up so they don't serve that customer.  Unfortunately, someone who is too intoxicated becomes the winery and the bus companie's responsibility.  If you get in an accident, it is somehow the winery's fault or the bus driver who dropped you off to your car.

3. If riders are throwing up in the bathroom and leaving a mess in general, the winery may ask your company not to come back.  So check on your riders!

4. For Riders, have a designated driver or a way to get home once the bus drops you off.  The point of the bus is to have a driver so you can party, but eventually, you have to get home.  How are you going to get there?  The bus can drop you off but it does cost more.  As long as you are prepared, that is fine.  If you are too intoxicated to drive, we can't let you get in your car (read above, it becomes my responsibility).

5. Don't forget to tip your bartender! 

6. Wineries appreciate if you buy a product after your wine tasting if you're not going to tip. 

So, in general, just be a good customer. Don't trash the place, tip, and if you like a product, help them out by buying a bottle! Usually, the wine tasting fee is waived when you buy a bottle anyway. It's a win, win!

If anyone else has any tips as both a winery owner or a rider, let us know! :D 

Meme Monday

Posted on August 29, 2016 at 8:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Trying to think of ways to market to people and get people interested in booking a ride.  I'm parked at another business establishment (Thank you for lettting me park there De-sign Chalee)!  It's on the highway but I don't think enough people pass by.  When I advertised in the paper, the person had not seen the bus yet and I feel like it's pretty colorful and noticeable?  It was even in the Spring Ho parade (doesn't everyone in Lampasas go to that?) :D  I want to move the bus "into town" but I don't know where.  There are several businesses for sale but I don't think I can just park there.  I even considered parking in the field where everyone puts their tractors for sale but that costs $100!  Just to park in a field no one is using.  :o  I even considered purchasing a place.  If you know that old place on the corner behind the donut store - they are asking over $200,000 for that place and it's barely standing.  So .......   I have put advertisements on facebook which worked pretty well in drawing people to the page but word of mouth from friends seems to be the best advertisement so far.  To keep people interested, I've come up with Meme Mondays (post a wine/beer/party meme every Monday)  and Wine Wednesdays (post a wine meme or wine events in the area).  I have a instagram but i'm too busy to really post on it and I need photos.  Any ideas? 

My first ride!

Posted on August 22, 2016 at 5:10 PM Comments comments (0)

I booked my first appointment! So excited!  Took my first payment and used the Square app.  It was super easy and didn't charge too much. $5 fee for $150 deposit.  Only problem was I had a tooth pulled two days before so trying to talk was challenging! :D Yay for the start of business! I was even dreaming of ways to keep up on social media.  Going to post some wine memes to facebook to keep people entertained!

Facebook was extremely helpful in promoting the site also.  I had to pay but you can set a limit for how much you want to pay.  I paid $10 and facebook put an "ad" out on facebook in the area I chose.  As people click on the ad, it charges you.  Pretty neat.  So it charges only for how well the ad performs and caps out at whatever limit you choose.  I got 6 new page likes so far and reached about 700 more people! It was definitely worth it.


Posted on August 9, 2016 at 10:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Grand Opening set for August 15th.  Check the website for details and deals!

Another Family Reunion complete

Posted on August 9, 2016 at 11:05 AM Comments comments (0)

2nd Family reunion complete!  I think everyone had a good time! :D  The ride down to tubing was a party and the ride back, everyone was passed out.  But not for long.  The music cranked up again and I got some new tunes to download. Thank you Jason for the good tunes provided from your iphone.  for those who didn't know, you can plug in your own phone to listen to your tunes when you've listened to all of mine.  We even watched some old 80's music videos that I downloaded from the old karaoake computer!  HILARIOUS!  That hair!